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Proven job offers in France, Belgium and Poland

On our site you will find the latest job offers in France, Belgium and Poland. We regularly update the database of our job offers, so you have access to the latest job offers abroad and in the country. If, for example, you are interested in work in France immediately, without knowing the language - you can search for the selected offer and send us your CV. After reading it, we will call you back, and after a short conversation, you will already know all the necessary details related not only to the work and date of departure, but also the entire employment process in our agency. Thanks to this, you can start working abroad, in France or Belgium, even within a few days.

Work on a construction site abroad

Current job offers abroad mainly include industries related to construction. That is why we are looking for candidates interested in working abroad in the position of, among others facade fitter, formwork carpenter, machine plasterer, bricklayer, roofer, as well as general construction workers and helpers. We treat each candidate individually, so we make it possible to match the job offer on the construction site to the experience, including by negotiating the salary rate.

We work with reliable and honest employers, so each advertisement contains all the necessary information that you should know before sending us your CV. If you are not sure if a given offer is for you - call us or visit our employment office in Rzeszów and we will explain all doubts related to a given job advertisement.

We are an employment agency also for employees from Ukraine

As an employment agency we employ workers from Ukraine and we provide them with help related to their stay in Poland. You don't have to worry about formalities, work permits or the required work visa. Our recruitment agency will take care of all important aspects related to work in Poland performed by Ukrainian citizens.

You don't have a lot of experience in working on a construction site? It's not a problem for us. You can start going abroad to work by checking your skills and qualifications with an employer in Poland. We make sure that you assess your options before departure. Thanks to this, we can guarantee you a suitable workplace abroad - so that it is best suited to you.