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You are important to us. You are our individual personality - not just an employee.
Your workplace depends on what you want, what you know, what you can learn and what you dream about.
We will help you find a job that will make you satisfied and motivated. We will help in all matters related to safety and health and safety requirements, payments and medical care, housing and transport as well as legal formalities.

We are here to give you a job. We are here to answer your questions.

We always try to sense the needs of the employer and employee. We know there are always more questions in the beginning, but take it easy. If you need an answer, go to the Contact tab and send a question or call us.

This is my first time abroad for work
We know that sending your CV and initial recruitment is just the beginning. There may be many thoughts and doubts in your head. Will I be fine? Can I handle the formalities? Will I not be deceived?

You may be surprised, but it is perfectly normal to feel anxious and have many questions. You have the chance to get a job abroad with good salary and development opportunities. Our role is to answer your questions, dispel any doubts and make sure that you feel safe from the first contact with us.

Temporary and permanent work abroad

Many of our employees can boast of many years of employment and the satisfaction of working with our agency. This means that you have the opportunity to get not only seasonal and temporary work, but also in the long term - the possibility of permanent employment. Many employers with whom we have established cooperation use the possibility of signing a permanent employment contract with employees who have proven themselves in their positions.

We know that trust and reliability pays off. This is the best way to develop your career and improve qualifications while working abroad.

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