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How does our company work?

It doesn't matter if you need to fill one vacancy or 100,
EST Polska will help you acquire qualified staff!
1. Tell who your business needs
We work with many companies on the German and French market. Our employees' satisfaction is our priority. Hundreds of people have already trusted us. We have a huge employee base from which we choose the right people for our partners. We specialize in the construction and human resources industries, and more.
2. We will propose suitable candidates
In everyday work, we identify with our clients. We treat their obligations as our own. When working for our clients, we must meet the standards in force in their companies with our attitude, professional ethics and behavior and we can never compromise the image of the client.
3. Improve your business
You don't have to contribute. EST Polska takes over all HR and payroll issues: holiday pay, payment of salaries, sickness benefits, tax and social security settlement, issuing work certificates, concluding contracts with employees, issuing earnings certificates, insurance cards.

Employee Leasing

We choose qualified personnel from the right people, employ for a specified period of time and send to work to perform the task.

temporary job

From among our candidates, we select people with skills for the right job and carry out recruitment, after which we send employees abroad to work. This is usually a short-term job.

working abroad

After long-term cooperation, many of our partners have permanently employed our employees, which means that you can not only find seasonal work with us. We will find a company for you where you will feel safe.

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Team work!