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Do you know how to deal with stress at work?

In some industries, constant competition, fighting for a better position, and even fear of being fired can cause enormous stress. When the body becomes tense, cortisol is produced, the so-called a stress hormone, the presence of which can lead to the development of many serious diseases, as well as mental and emotional problems. Avoiding difficulties is never the solution. In the article below, we will present several ways [...]

What does a roofer do? Find out about the scope of his duties!

A roofer is one of the craft professions. Specialists in this position deal with the repair and covering of roofs. As in any profession, working as a roofer has both advantages and disadvantages. If you are wondering about the specifics of this profession and you do not know how to start your professional career - this article is for you. What are the duties [...]

What does a plasterer do? Responsibilities and requirements

Do you want to know the scope of the plasterer's duties and the requirements for people working in this position? Read our article in which we discuss the most important issues related to the work of a plasterer. What does a plasterer do? Responsibilities What the plasterer does may be unclear to some. Therefore, in a few words, at the beginning we will explain what such a person does. Plasterer [...]

Mistakes during an interview - what is better to avoid?

Are you waiting for an interview? Read what are the best mistakes to avoid when meeting your future employer. Thanks to this, you will manage your stress and prepare yourself properly for the conversation. Keeping an eye on your phone or watch Stress related to recruitment is quite natural. What not to do during a job interview? Refrain from nervous gestures, let alone [...]

What are your weaknesses? We suggest how to present them during a job interview

Do you know what are your weaknesses that you can present to the future employer? It is worth preparing them in advance and carefully analyzing them in order not to increase your chance of getting a job. Read the article below and learn how to present your shortcomings in a job interview. Why does the recruiter ask about weaknesses in an interview? Contrary to appearances, the question [...]

Duties of a forklift operator - check how his work looks like!

Do you know what are the duties of a forklift operator? In today's article, we discuss the topic of work for which you need appropriate permissions and must be 18 years of age. Find out what else is required for this position and see if it is the job for you! Work of a forklift operator - requirements A forklift operator is a person responsible for operating [...]

How well did I do at the interview? Top 10 Tips

You can read a lot about how well you do in an interview. Today we have a short guide and 10 most important tips that you should know before meeting with the recruitment department. Read them and make sure you are prepared for it! 1. Be punctual One of the basic mistakes to avoid is being late. To do well for [...]

What are your strengths? Find out how to answer the most popular recruitment question!

Not sure what your strengths are, and soon you will be interviewed? Learn tips on how to compose your benefits response and present it appropriately to the recruiter. Job interview and strengths - why should you prepare them in advance? Asking about your personality strengths is almost a certainty in a job interview. Therefore, already [...]

What is the work of a steel structure fitter?

What are the responsibilities of a steel structure fitter? What earnings can he count on? Where is it worth looking for a job in this profession? You will find the answers to these questions in our article. We invite you to read! What does a steel structure fitter do? The work of a steel structure fitter includes the preparation and assembly of steel structures in the area of ​​a given investment. They can be constructions [...]

Summer job abroad - how to find it?

A holiday job abroad is a good way to improve your finances and gain the necessary experience, especially by young employees. How to look for a job for a vacation in a foreign country and what should you know to do it safely? Read on for some valuable tips. Summer job abroad - why is it worth it? The opportunity to earn or gain experience is [...]

The scope of duties of a construction worker. Check what's included!

The construction worker profession is currently experiencing its renaissance. Among the job advertisements, we can see quite a large number of job offers for renovation and construction activities. In addition, the spring and summer period is favorable for a greater number of job offers in the field of construction. We often wonder what is meant by the name "construction worker", because the content of many job advertisements does not specify the exact obligations that should be included [...]

Well-paying physical jobs in construction that you should know (and do)

The construction industry effectively resists all market turmoil and crises, increasing the demand for qualified physically working staff. Work on a construction site is no longer viewed in terms of lower qualifications. Physical construction workers can rest assured of employment and count on remuneration at the European level. Well-paid physical work allows for financial stability, individual development and [...]

What to write in the cover letter to the employer? We advise!

Are you applying for a position that interests you, but you don't know what to write in your cover letter? Encouraging your employer to consider your candidacy can be effective just by using a short cover letter. Read on to find out what to put in it. Present the reason why you apply to this company. Personal motivation to work in a specific company is something [...]

5 qualities of a good employee that will help you get a job. Check how many of them you have!

By having the most important qualities of a good employee, you can win the favor of the employer. What, apart from fulfilling our duties, is the factor that determines that we are good employees? Read the article below and see if you belong to this group. 1. Motivation to work. The first feature of a good employee is, of course, fulfilling his / her duties resulting from the assumed position. Employers [...]

Questions for the employer - what to ask during an interview?

When preparing for a job interview, we usually do not think about questions for a potential employer. Our head is largely concerned with the answers to the questions that can be expected from the recruiter or the ways to do the best in the meeting. However, it is worth paying attention to what questions to ask the employer and what you should find out [...]

How to determine the level of foreign language proficiency in your CV?

The level of knowledge of a foreign language is one of the key elements in a CV that you submit to work abroad. How to describe the level of knowledge of a foreign language? Are there specific guidelines that must be followed? Read on to find out more. The level of proficiency in a foreign language according to the Council of Europe scale Language levels in a CV are determined by [...]

What format should I send my CV in to properly present it to the recruiter?

Have you mastered your resume creation to perfection? It's time for you to find out in which format to send your CV so that the recruiter can read it without any problems. Check what to look for when sending an attachment in an e-mail to the employer. PDF or DOC? What format should I send my CV? You surely know how important is the file format in which you save your [...]

How to write an email with a CV and make a good first impression on the employer?

Are you looking for a job, but you don't know how to write an email with your CV to increase your chances? Read a few tips below and find out what your e-mail address to your future employer should look like. What to write in the email with your CV? E-mail messages are the most common form of contact with a potential employer. When looking for a job on the Internet, you often have to send a dozen or so e-mails from [...]

First day at work. 7 tips for a new employee

Are you waiting for your first day at work? The excitement and stress associated with your new job can take its toll. That is why we have 7 tips for you that will help you gain more self-confidence, overcome stress and prepare for the new challenges that await you during the first days in your new job. How to do it? Read on. 1. [...]

What should a reply to a job advertisement look like?

The effectiveness of the first stage of recruitment may be determined by your response to the job advertisement. This can be compared to the first impression you make on a new person you meet. In this case, this person is your potential employer, and the first impression is most often made via the Internet. How to respond to ads and what to remember to avoid mistakes at the very beginning? […]

Working abroad without knowing the language - what is worth knowing?

Working abroad without knowing a foreign language may seem impossible to you. However, it is worth paying attention to a few basic facts that will dispel your doubts and reduce the stress associated with leaving. Contrary to appearances, looking for a job in a foreign country may be easier than you think. "It depends" - on the nature of the work Whether you can find [...]

How to prepare for a job interview abroad?

An interview at an employment agency may take the form of a telephone interview or a meeting at the agency's premises. How to prepare for a job interview in order not only to do well, but also to find out the most important information related to going abroad? About it in a few words below. Prepare the necessary documents and certificates One of the basic elements of the interview [...]

Going abroad to work. How to prepare for it?

Are you planning to go abroad to work? Make sure you take care of everything. Learn the most important things you need to do before you pack your suitcase and hit the road. Thanks to this, going to work will be less stressful, and you will be prepared for all circumstances. Confirm the arrangements with the employment agency If you are organizing your trip to work together [...]

Leasing of employees from Ukraine - a beneficial solution for companies

Leasing of employees from Ukraine is a solution used more and more often by many Polish foreign employers. This is an effective way to get rid of the problems with hiring qualified personnel. What is it characterized by? What benefits will your company gain by hiring employees in the form of leasing? About it in the article below. What is employee leasing? Employee leasing is a form of employment that involves [...]

How to look for a job abroad to avoid unpleasant surprises?

There are many ways to find a job abroad. Many of them, however, involve a significant risk of losing savings and time, and even fraud. That is why we have compiled some tips for you that will make the whole process of looking for a job abroad easier. Read the article and find out how to safely look for seasonal work. Avoid [...]

What health and safety rules do you have to follow on site?

Compliance with the health and safety rules on the construction site is the responsibility of every person staying on its site. Failure to comply with the guidelines related to health and safety at work may result in the emergence of a hazard, which may result in damage to health or even death. Read the most important rules to protect your health and life while you work. Explore the construction site [...]

How to write a good CV so that the employer chooses you?

You do not know how to write a good CV that will convince the employer to invite you to the next stage of recruitment? Read the article below, in which we will introduce step by step the most important elements of a CV for work abroad and more. We will also tell you what we pay attention to when reading applications sent to our agency. 1. Take care of the aesthetic appearance of your CV Contrary to [...]

How to find a job abroad? 3 useful tips for the newbie

Are you wondering how to find a job abroad that will meet your expectations and guarantee fair earnings? We are here to help you and answer this question. Read the article below, thanks to which you will easily go through the difficult search process and find your first job abroad. 1. Where do you want to work? Select the country you would like to travel to. On [...]